IBM Reinstates (And then withdraws) Access to Seminal BI & DW Works

May 21, 2009

Update: The articles are once again behind the IBM paywall.  Going to assume that is the policy from now on until something official from IBM says otherwise.  Lame.

I hate the way that when newspapers have to publish an apology, they cram them in to a tiny space somewhere on the latter pages.  So, a new blog post, rather than a footnote to the old one is deserved.  Although not really an apology, the spirit of redress is the same

Most (if not all!) the credit should go to @SethGrimes, who was the first to blog about this, unbeknownst to me and who also approached IBM directly.

It’s an excellent decision and made with some alacrity, given IBM’s size and doubtless spools of internal red tape.

So now, those interested in the Godfather of Business Intelligence (Hans Peter Luhn) and the (often unsung) pioneers of Data Warehousing (Barry Devlin & Paul Murphy) can read their seminal articles without let or hindrance from IBM.

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