“report as mature”

November 24, 2008

In starting to set this up, I noted this amusing option in the blog info section.  If you decide to grass someone up using this ageist option, then you get the following line of euphemistic tosh: 

“If you come across a blog which you believe to be primarily adult-related or too mature for a general audience, please let us know…”

There are a few possibilities:

primarily adult-related” – the target audience for WordPress blogs is so young and vapid, that anything that may be related to adults and their nefarious interests is to be frowned upon.  Shady news sites such as the BBC and Grauniad.co.kup or maybe those seedy e-government portals need to be informed upon immediately and exterminated.

too mature” – perhaps some kind of aversion to issues that might affect the elderly.  Maybe they fear a deluge of pensioners’ blogs discussing incontinence and other senior issues that the young just find too icky. 

-To provide balance, there is actually also a “report as immature” setting, but for some reason (probably IE8 standards mode) I can’t see it.  I would like this option implemented, if it does not exist.

-They are dancing daintily around the terminology they really want to use.

Most likely option 4. Maybe they can just say “smut”.  Non offensive word that you don’t have to be ashamed of using in front of your young children.  Or WordPress consumers.

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